Local Pit Master Brings Smoking Secrets to y our Catered Affair! Real Texas Wood Smoked Barbeque for Hire in Calgary

Let’s get one thing straight, Grilling and Smoking are two different ways to BBQ.
Grilling is hot and fast and the flavor is only as good as the meat you are cooking. Real barbeque is slow and low using hardwood to flavor the meat…taking even the toughest piece of meat and slow cooking it so it melts in your mouth and tastes like heaven!

BubbaQ Catering Company was born in 2004 after Pit Master, Jim “Bubba” Barber was on a quest for Real Wood Smoked BBQ catering in Calgary for his annual Stampede Party. Turns out, Real Wood Smoked BBQ did not exist in Calgary. It was all flat grills for pancakes, burgers & hot dogs. So he customized and imported his own Mobile Wood Smoking BBQ and now it is available for you too, to enjoy at your catered event.